MILAN NENINMilan Nenin is a composer and guitarist. His music is best described as a mixture of art rock, contemporary classical and world music.
Milan was born on 21st of March 1983 in Novi Sad, capital of northern region of Serbia. He started playing and writing music at the age of 13, by taking classical guitar lessons. Throughout high school he explored electric guitar playing in rock, blues and jazz music, which had been his favourite since childhood. While studying physics at University, Milan discovered the world of contemporary classical music and world music, and redirected his interests solely to becoming a composer and instrumentalist within these musical genres. Classical guitar became, once again, his primary mean of expression.
Since his earliest years, he was in love with film and theatre. As a composer, instrumentalist and music producer, Milan became involved in film and theatre projects.
He has cooperated with various musicians and was part of projects such as the “Agora Ensemble”, which explored Portuguese music. He was a member of “Crossing Worlds Sextet” where he created music based on improvisation along with Boris Kovac and other members of the sextet. He has been involved in several projects as a studio musician. For example in the music score for Oleg Novkovic’s film “White, White World” (original title “Beli, Beli Svet”) composed by Boris Kovac; and, as a guest, in Boris Kovac’s title track of the album “Catalogue of Memories”.
Milan Nenin’s first solo album, “Incident”, was recorded in 2009. and it includes over 20 musicians.