film & theatre

MILAN NENINThe dramatics, especially film, are a part of Milan Nenin's life. As a composer and  producer, he acccepts the challenges of applied music joyfully.

As he says: “… Writing for theatre and film is a delicate matter. On one hand, I have to adjust music to the section in which music is “just” a part of the play. On the other hand, I have to remain true to myself in the artistic sense throughout the process. In a way, it is easier to compose music that will be shown to the public as it is. But, it is also a great challenge to create applied music, and I take that challenge gladly. I like team work and the magic that is created when a group of artists of different fields merge their knowledge into a unanimous art work led by one idea.”

While composing and producing for theatre and film, Milan prefers live instrument music in the form of an orchestra, regardless of the instruments used. However, he uses all other, digital means to create and produce music as well. He often uses the tape principle to record instruments one by one himself.

Listen music

New Year Vals by Milan Nenin

Vayaya Field by Milan Nenin